American Bar Association to Hold 2016 Expo in August


American Bar Association pic
American Bar Association

Thomas P. Ivanyi serves as the CEO of Hampton Partners Ltd., a private investment banking firm and Private Equity Direct, LLC, a private equity investment firms. In addition, Thomas P. Ivanyi maintains membership with the American Bar Association (ABA), which will hold its 2016 expo and annual meeting in August.

Designed to act as a one-stop shop for ABA members and the general legal community, the ABA Expo serves as the organization’s largest annual gathering in the country. Attendees will receive access to a variety of programs hosted by legal professionals and authors that apply legal practices and knowledge to the writing field. Presenting authors include a selection of fiction and nonfiction writers who will also make an appearance for book signings. Furthermore, the expo incorporates events structured to promote networking.

The 2016 ABA Annual Meeting will utilize the theme of Greatness in Every Direction and take place on August 4 through August 9 in San Francisco.


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