A Few of the Best Black-and-White Classic Films

Metropolis Image: en.wikipedia.org
Image: en.wikipedia.org


When not involved with his responsibilities as a private equity executive, Thomas P. Ivanyi pursues a wide variety of hobbies, including movie appreciation. Thomas P. Ivanyi has a special affinity for classic black-and-white films, representations of which include the following:

1. Metropolis: A masterpiece created by Fritz Land in 1920, Metropolis changed the course of science fiction cinematography. Set in a futuristic city with a division between the authorities and the working class, the film tells the story of a city planner’s son who falls in love with a prophet from the working class.

2. All About Eve: One of the earliest feminist films, All About Eve features Bette Davis in one of her most famous roles as an aspiring actress. The film explores such deep issues as ambition, betrayal, and manipulation. The All About Even plot is still relevant to modern culture.

3. Casablanca: Perhaps the quintessential black-and-white film, Casablanca stars Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in an inspiring love story set during the early part of World War II in Morocco. The story is renowned for its timelessness and engaging complexity.


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