The American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Awards

American Bar Association Image:
American Bar Association

In 2010, Thomas P. Ivanyi founded Private Equity Direct, LLC, where he serves as the CEO and president. He is also the CEO at Hampton Partners Ltd., a boutique investment banking firm that he co-founded in 1989. With a law degree from the Fordham University School of Law, and post-graduate studies at Harvard Business School, Thomas P. Ivanyi also maintains membership with the American Bar Association.

Every year, the American Bar Association hosts the Silver Gavel Awards for Media and the Arts, which recognizes TV shows, books, and other media for helping to improve the public’s understanding of the American legal system.

The awards ceremony began in 1958 to recognize awardees based on educational merit, creativity, and impact on the public. This year’s nominees include Making a Murderer, a popular documentary that followed a man who was apparently falsely accused of murder, and Law, Justice, and the Death of Michael Brown, which was a series of online news stories from St. Louis Public Radio that addressed the death of a young black teenager by a white police officer in Missouri. The annual awards presentation is generally free and open to members of the ABA, as well as the public.


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