iTvTrax Measures TV Viewing Behaviors in the Internet Age

iTvTrax pic

An investment banking professional, Thomas P. Ivanyi is the CEO of Hampton Partners Ltd., a private investment firm, where he serves as CEO. He is also currently the president and CEO of Private Equity Direct, LLC, a firm which he also founded in 2010. In addition, Thomas P. Ivanyi is the inventor of the patented technology iTvTrax, which measures the viewing behavior of TV audiences.

The iTvTrax collects data comprehensively, second-by-second, to get a highly accurate picture of the viewing behaviors of a TV show’s audience. It also acknowledges the interaction between TV and Internet viewing. The data collected by this technology is much more comprehensive and representative of the modern viewer’s style of watching TV than what was available in previous generations of tracking technology.

The iTvTrax technology is said to be highly useful for market researchers, advertisers, and the cable industry, as they may be able to improve their products and services based on the data collected.


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