The Flavors of Provence

Flavors of Provence pic
Flavors of Provence

An entrepreneur and inventor of the television audience measurement system iTvTrax, Thomas P. Ivanyi heads the boutique investment banking firm Hampton Partners Ltd., as well as Private Equity Direct, LLC. A food connoisseur, Thomas P. Ivanyi loves to travel with his wife Ellin to varied destinations, including the south of France.

Provence is one of the most famous parts of southern France. The area’s food has a distinct Mediterranean influence, featuring fish, especially anchovies, and herbs and vegetables, including olives and garlic, which grow in abundance in the mild climate. One of the area’s best-known dishes is bouillabaisse, a stew that usually combines three to six different types of fresh local fish. And ratatouille, a vegetarian stew featuring eggplant, peppers, and olive oil, is known in kitchens throughout the world.

Provence does not tend to produce the richer, dark red wines of other areas of France, but is known best for its rosés. The area is popular with food lovers for its abundance of flavors that come from the sea and the area’s fertile, sun-drenched soil.


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