New York Giants pic

Giants Pay Tribute to 9/11 Attacks in Game Against Cowboys


 New York Giants pic
New York Giants

An experienced business executive with over two decades of experience, Thomas P. Ivanyi received his his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics at New York University. Having spent his student days in New York, Thomas P. Ivanyi is a supporter of the state’s sports teams and is a huge fan of the New York Giants.

In a recent game against the Dallas Cowboys at the AT&T stadium, several players of the New York giants showed their patriotism by paying tribute to 9/11. Of note were wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz who wore customized patriotic cleats in the game. Coaches and staff also paid their tribute by wearing commemorative 9/11 pins. Other players, while they chose not to make a statement with their outfit choices, paid their tributes on their social media accounts with heartfelt messages for the thousands of victims that lost their lives 15 years ago.

The September 11, 2001 attacks are an important part of New York’s history and was a pivotal moment for the United States government’s stance on the war on terror. The event continues to resonate up to today and has been annually commemorated in many avenues, including major sporting events.


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