Thomas P. Ivanyi’s Multifaceted CareerThomas P. Ivanyi earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from New York University and his JD from the Fordham University School of Law, and he successfully completed Harvard University’s Program for Management Development. His career in the financial services industry spans more than 35 years and includes leadership positions at Mitsubishi Trust, Brooks, Houghton & Company, and Citibank, among other firms. He serves as the CEO and founder of Private Equity Direct, LLC, and CEO and cofounder of Hampton Partners, Ltd. Thomas P. Ivanyi also founded iTvTrax, LLC, in 2004, and continues to serve as the company’s CEO.

The problem of audience measurement, one focus of Thomas P. Ivanyi’s interests, grew in the latter part of the 20th century, as different technologies competed for audiences using satellite, cable, and fiber-optic systems, as well as traditional over-the-air broadcasts. Audience measurements, which are critical to calculating advertising rates, lagged behind. Thomas P. Ivanyi tackled this problem and ultimately invented a system for which he was granted a U.S. patent. His system accurately captures viewership data through the set-top box, regardless of the technology employed to deliver content to the viewer; in addition, it captures that data on a second-by-second basis. Mr. Ivanyi established iTvTrax to market and sell his system.

Outside of the office, Thomas P. Ivanyi enjoys traveling with his wife Ellin. Together they’ve traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Asia and have enjoyed dining together in many of the world’s great restaurants.


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